AR15 AR10 Tactical Aluminum Skeleton Minimalist Adjustable Butt Stock Cheek Rest Buttstock HEX RED [HR]

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Tactical Aluminum Skeleton Minimalist Adjustable Butt Stock with Cheek Rest Buttstock – Type H HEX RED

Improve your .223 5.56 .308 7.62 precision rifle and manage recoil with this Tactical Aluminum Skeleton Minimal Adjustable Butt Stock with Cheek Rest. Lightweight at 14.75 oz and it is perfect for the tactical or 3 Gun competitive user. It is fully adjustable for shoulder length, length of pull (LOP) and features a moveable check rest. The back plate is adjustable vertically (~2.15 inches travel), allowing for that perfect shoulder height fit. The main rail is constructed of anodized aluminum and the butt stock is a strong durable polymer.  The adjustable aluminum cheek rest (~1.25 inches travel) also has a padded foam resting top for comfort. In addition, there is an recessed ambidextrous quick disconnect hole mount for QD sling attachments.  This unit clamps on (friction fitted) to any buffer tube as long as it is mil-spec (1.148 in), not commercial diameter. Multi position carbine stocks fit best due to the keyhole cross section which helps prevent rotation. But the stock does not “lock” into place like an adjustable stock. Generally it is a set it once system, best for precision shooting. Should fit most models  including bolt action and airsoft types.

Difference Between Models

The difference between the A, B and H models is that there is different CNC cut pattern in the middle of the stock. It’s purely cosmetic in nature.

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