Universal Pistol Roll Pin Gunsmith Armorers Assembly Tool Bench Block

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Universal Pistol Roll Pin Gunsmith Armorers Assembly Tool Bench Block

Tired of using duct tape rolls to install parts on your pistol slide or lower receiver? Make assembly / disassembly of your pistol easier with this universal bench block. This essential tool features roll pin channels and cut outs to capture loose parts. Notches, grooves and holes on both sides are designed to simplify a variety of tasks. Simplifies the installation of pins, detents and springs.  Double sided makes it highly useful for correcting drifting and staking assembly pins, barrel link pin removal, dressing the ejector port, staking the front sight, dressing the slide rails, removing hammer and sear pins, main spring removal, drifting the rear sight and more. Molded from high-quality, durable polymer rubber to provide a solid, non-marring work surface for gunsmithing on a wide variety of firearms. Perfect for disassembling and reassembling handguns. Originally suited for 1911 style pistols, it can be used for various other pistols such as Glocks, Smith & Wessons, Springfields, etc.

Useful for the following tasks:

  • Drifting and staking assembly pins
  • Hammer and sear pin removal
  • Mainspring removal
  • Barrel link pin removal
  • Drifting rear sight
  • Staking the front sight, dressing the side rails
  • Dressing the ejector port
  • Great tool for disassembling & assembling handguns
  • Rear sight drift channel, front sight staking channel and hammer and Sear pin removal holes
  • Ejector port dressing and rail dressing round bottom channels


  • 1 x Pistol Bench Block

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