Keymod MLOK M-Lock Universal Handguard Rubber Rail Cover Panel – 2 Panels

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Keymod MLOK M-Lock Universal Handguard Rubber Rail Panel Cover

NOTE: (2) two panels per order

Protect your hands (ever grab your rifle after it’s been sitting in the hot sun?) and key mod/M-LOK AR handguard with this Keymod MLOK M-Lock Handguard Rubber Rail Cover Panel. Soft flexible panels are easy to install in the keymod and MLOCK slots. Also unlike other models , they are also easy to take off! No Tools needed and they can be cut to the desired length. A little larger than 4.5 inches, you can install multiple panels to fit longer rail systems. The rubber panel has excellent traction to grip under extreme tactical conditions.

Note: For KEYMOD installations, make sure to push the panel forward to lock it in place. Otherwise the panel will jiggle in the open area of the key.


  • Length: 4.63 inches
  • Covers 3 MLOK or 6 Keymod Slots
  • Soft Rubber Material
  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Easy on/off install

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