Luth-AR MBA-4 MBA4 6 Position Carbine Rifle Butt Stock Buttstock Clone

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Luth MBA-3 MBA3 6 Position Carbine Rifle Butt Stock Clone

Replace the standard buttstock on your rifle and configure the stock to your specific and personal needs with this  Luth MBA-4 MBA4 6 Position Carbine Rifle Butt Stock Clone. Manufactured to the same specifications of the original, it is of a lightweight, strong and high-quality polymer design which works with a 6-position Mil-Spec or Commercial buffer tube.  An ergonomic design, it only uses 4 of the 6 positions and there is no additional length of pull or cheek riser.  To eliminate the typical constant rattle of carbine collapsible  stocks, it features an anti-rattle set screw and helps secure the stock in your favorite position. In addition to the bottom sling mount, it also features quick disconnect QD points, including molded pockets that will accept Grovtec QD cups (not included). A single metal QD insert cup is included, to be installed in either left or right side. A picatinny bottom rail section is available for attaching a monopod.

Note: This stock is not designed to be used with Large Bore Calibers such as .338 Lapua or .50 BMG applications.


  • Lightweight buttstock for the carbine AR @ 10 7/8 oz
  • Fits Standard 6 Position Commercial and Mil-Spec Buffer Tubes (after market tubes exceeding 1.1172″ diameter may not fit)
  • Super Strong , Ergonomic Modern Design
  • QD Inserts
  • Bottom Picatinny Rail
  • Bottom Sling Mount

Installation Notes:

  • When tightening the anti-rattle set screw, be careful not to over tighten as the threaded insert may separate from the plastic stock body
  • When sliding the buttstock onto a 6-position buffer tube, the lock pin has a notch in the head of the lock pin that must line up with a tab on the stock body. Once the slot and tab are lined up, the pin can be fully retracted allowing the buttstock to slide onto the tube. The MBA-4 should slide easily without resistance. If there is any resistance, the lock pin is not fully retracted.


  • 1 x  MBA4 Stock Clone
  • 1 x QD Metal Insert

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs